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The main legal act regulating public procurement in Slovakia is the Law on Public Procurement and on Amendments to Certain Acts of 2015. The Office for Public Procurement established in 2000 is an independent central authority of government headed by a chairman. The two vice-chairmen and the Council of Office are the other Office authorities.

The Office for Public Procurement represents the Slovak Republic externally in the field of public procurement, participates in expert working commissions of the European Union and actively cooperates with the foreign partner institutions. The Office is an expert guarantor in the field of public procurement ensuring the fulfillment of principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination of tenderers and candidates together with the principles of economy and cost-effectiveness. Its main role is to ensure that public procurement regulations are implemented in practice and followed by the actors of procurement. The Office publishes crucial documents from the public procurement field such as the decision of the Office, methodological guidance of the Office, and other documents, which came out from the process of awarding the contract by contracting authority/contracting entities.


Public Procurement Legislation available at the following – link.

Public Procurement website of Slovakia – link.


PPL evaluation - Download.