Public Procurement: How Much Does Corruption Cost in Belarus and What It Means for the People?
04 Apr 2017
Corruption in Public Procurement is a costly problem for any country. Lack of competition and underground deals result in inneficient projects and waste of state budgetary resources.
Belarus has several problems with its procurement practices and a team of researchers of the project BIPART attempted to show in the video below how severe these problems are and what it means for the common people.
The video describes the volume of corruption in monetary terms and what this "wasted money" could have been spent on. The video has both Russian and English subtitles, which can be turned on by pressing the subtitle box (CC) in the lower right corner of the video.
BIPART is a research project that aims to promote public administration reform in Belarus in accordance with modern principles and best practices. 
BIPART team works with experts, journalists, civil servants and the general public to work out new solutions for improving the quality of policy making and the delivery of public services in Belarus.
The Team's flagship project  Kosht Urada (The Cost of the State) engages Belarusians in the discussion about public budgeting in Belarus.