Albania 75.85%
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Country facts
Population - 2,9 million (2017)
Area - 28,748 km²
GDP - US$ 15 Billion (2018)
GDP (per capita) - US$ 5,253.6 (2018)
State Budget Revenues - US$ 4.47 Billion (2019)
State Budget Expenditures - US$ 4.78 Billion (2019)
Economic Growth - 4.0% (2018)
Public Procurement Performance Indicators
Single-Source Procurement -
Average Number of Bidders -
Failed Tenders -
Disputes Won by the Initiator -

The main legal act regulating the area of public procurement in Albania is the Law of 2006 on Public Procurement. The law sets out set out rules and procedures applying to the procurement of goods, works and services by contracting authorities. The law aims to promote efficiency in public procurement procedures, ensure better use of public funds, promote competition among economic operators and guarantee integrity, public trust and transparency in public procurement procedures.

Public Procurement Agency is a central body, with a legal and public personality reporting to the Prime Minister, and financed by the State Budget. The duties and competencies of the Public Procurement Agency are mainly focused on the following:

  • Preparation of project-proposals for public procurement regulations, public auctions and those in the field of concessions/public-private partnerships, preparation of Standard Tender Documents and issuing the necessary instructions in order to assist the contracting authorities undertaking these procedures;
  • Verification of the implementation of public procurement, concessions and public auction procedures after the phase of contract signature and in case of infringements of the legal and sub-legal provisions, penalizes with fines or proposes administrative measures;
  • Monitor the progress of the public procurement system, and the implementation of measures and activities in order to achieve and maintain a completely transparent and efficient system of concessions/public-private partnerships;
  • Preparation and publication of Public Notices Bulletin;
  • Exclusion of economic operators from participation in public procurement, concessions or public auctions for a period of 1 to 3 years;
  • Promotion and organization of trainings for central and local government officials, involved in public procurement activities.


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