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Country facts
Population - 1.775 million
Area - 10,905 km²
GDP - US$ 7.717 Billion
GDP (per capita) - US$ 4,287
State Budget Revenues -
State Budget Expenditures -
Economic Growth - -5.3%
Public Procurement Performance Indicators
Single-Source Procurement -
Average Number of Bidders -
Failed Tenders -
Disputes Won by the Initiator -

Public procurement system in Kosovo is regulated by the Public Procurement Law 04/L-042, which entered into force in 2011. According to this Law, the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC) shall be responsible for the overall development, operation, and supervision of the public procurement system in Kosovo and shall carry out the functions assigned by this law.


As a result of several reforms undertaken by public procurement institutions in Kosovo toward the digitalization of the system, the e-procurement platform was launched in 2016, thereby initiating the electronic implementation of public procurement activities. In addition, in 2021 PPC issued the Rules and Operational Guidelines for Public Procurement, to further assist the procurement staff in the management of procurement activities by providing details of running the procedures for the procurement of goods, services, works, and design contests.


Public Procurement Legislation available at the following - link

E-prokurimi/e-procurement platform – link.

Rules and Operational Guidelines for Public Procurement of Kosovo - link.


PPL evaluation - Download.